Blaer fra Sand MeadowBlaer fra Sand Meadow came to us as a 7 months old foal and right from the start he impressed with his amazing character and expression.

Blaer is a son of Stigandi fra Leysingjastoedum out of the Feykir fra Hafsteinstoedum daughter Birna fra Akureyri. His bloodlines include Icelandic Royalty like Andvari fra Ey, Hrodur fra Kolkuosi, Adam fra Medalfell, just to name a few.

His character is still flawless and he is now the sire of several highly promising offsprings, including the highest evaluated foal of 2014 Alfur fra Fitjamyri (85,3%), out of Sida fra Fitjamyri.

His first offsprings were evaluated in 2015 as 4 year olds for conformation and basically got all 1st prize for conformation with high scores for neck and shoulders, back/croup, proportions and joints. He produces 4 and 5 gaited offsprings who all show his great carriage, amazing legs and easy to deal with character.

Check out his sons Midas fra Vindsdalur and Blaevar fra Vindsdalur, as well as his gorgeous daughter Dukka fra Vindsdalur on the FEIF Breeding Evaluation 2015.

Blaer fra Sand MeadowBlaer himself got 1st prize for conformation as a 4 year old, including a 9 for legs - and he is now fully evaluated with 1st prize for conformation, 2nd prize for rideability (shown as a 4 gaiter) and a good 2nd prize overall. Click here for his EVALUATION scores.

Blaer can be booked for stud service. Stud Fee $900, plus mare care.








Elzta fra Vindsdalur
Dukka fra Vindsdalur
Raudhetta fra Vindsdalur

Andvari fra Vindsdalur
Alvar fra Vindsdalur
Midas fra Vindsdalur
Blaevar fra Vindsdalur


Orri frá úfu
Andvari frá Ey I
Leira frá Ey I
Stigandi fra Leysingjastoedum II
Adam frá Medalfelli
Dekkja frá Leysingjastösdum II
Hvika frá Leysingjastösdum II
  Raus ur frá Kolkuósi
Feykir frá Hafsteinsstösdum
Toppa frá Hafsteinsstösdum
Birna fra Akureyri
Hroedur fra Kolkuósi
  Hvöt frá Kolkuósi
Grána frá Kolkuósi